A sustainable future, free from PFCs

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How we use GORE-TEX ePE membrane to design sustainable long-lasting shell layers free from PFCs

What is Gore-Tex ePE?

A breakthrough in sustainability, ePE is a true innovation from Gore when it comes to waterproof performance materials. Short for expanded polyethylene, this membrane is 100% free from PFCs (perfluorochemicals. The DWR is also 100% free from PFCs.

PFC-free DWR treatment

The ePE membrane undergoes a PFC-free DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treatment. The DWR is applied before sewing the garments, and you still need to reapply DWR periodically to maintain your garment's performance as new. The good news is that this is as simple as putting your jacket and pants in the washing machine. All this to say that Tierra can now offer high-performing waterproof garments for the most demanding conditions that are entirely free from PFCs.

Maintained performance

Gore-Tex ePE membrane comes with the same “Guaranteed to keep you dry” promise that we have gotten used to; ePE has the same performance as other Gore-Tex technologies. The only difference is that you need to reapply DWR slightly more often than when using DWR containing PFCs. This is because the properties of the PFC-free DWR make it wear off faster.

Tierra and Gore

We have been working with Gore since Tierra was founded in 1983. In fact, you could say that the discovery of this material was the start of our company, but that is another story for another day. The reason we have been using Gore-Tex all these years is simple – it's just the best material for keeping you dry on the mountain (and elsewhere). Our goal has always been to develop gear to the highest standards in performance as well as sustainability. With Gore-Tex ePE, we are able to push this even further.

Your part in all this

As a consumer, you can contribute by buying only what you truly need. If you have shell garments that provide you with the functionality you need, don’t buy new stuff just because new colors are available. Also, only buy high-quality gear; it will be cheaper in the long run. Last but not least, take good care of your gear. Keep it clean and repair it if needed. If you have any questions on how to wash or repair your Tierra garments, do not hesitate to contact us.


With its name inspired by Östra Ravinen (East Ravine)—a classic off-piste zone on Åreskutan mountain in the Swedish ski area of Åre—this jacket’s unbeatable combination of waterproofness and breathability will keep you dry and comfortable whether you’re in the teeth of an Arctic snowstorm or navigating a long, foggy off-piste descent in the Alps. 


With its name inspired by Västra Ravinen (West Ravine)—an accessible off-piste zone on Åreskutan mountain in the Swedish ski area of Åre—this jacket’s unbeatable combination of waterproofness and breathability will keep you dry and comfortable whether you’re facing a sudden downpour or a demanding hike or ski trip in the mountains.


The name Mörviken derives from Mörviksån, the place where the Östra (East) and Västra (West) ravines meet on Åreskutan mountain in the Swedish ski area of Åre, so you won’t be surprised that this pant can be complemented by either of our new Östra and Västra jackets.


Named after one of the coldest places in Sweden—the Sami village of Nikkaluokta, nestled at the end of the road in the mountain foothills far north of the Arctic Circle—this parka is clearly designed to keep you warm.


Named after the Aktse mountain hut—gateway to Sarek and the famous Kungsleden trail above the Arctic Circle in Sweden’s northernmost mountains—this jacket’s combination of weatherproofness and breathability makes it extrememly versatile. Along with the flexibility and snug feeling of 2-layer ePE Gore-Tex, it adds up to a perfect outdoor companion, whether you’re on a winter ski-tour or summer hike.


Incorporating many of the same functional and technical details as our mountain garments, this raincoat is designed to withstand the baddest of bad weather and be a champion at keeping you dry. The coat is named for Svolvær in Lofoten, Norway, a place known for its beauty, but also its demanding maritime weather.