Our manufacturers

We strive to be as transparent as possible towards our customers. And one part of that is being transparent and providing as much information we can about our clothes and how we produce them. Down below you will find information about our manufacturers and explanations of the terms used in the list. This list will be updated continuously as we get more information to share.

Terms explanation

Business Partner

The Business Partner is our direct contract partner where we place our styles/orders for a season. We as Tierra enjoy long-term partnerships.


The manufacturer is the production facility of the Business Partner. A partner can own or contract more than one factory.


The country is presenting the place the product is being manufactured in.

Link to the factory (OS Hub)

Open Supply Hub (OS Hub) is an accessible, collaborative, supply chain mapping platform, used and populated by stakeholders across sectors and supply chains. Fenix Outdoor International AG, our mother company, is updating its brands Tier 1 as a data contributor annually. The platform presents the name, address, processing tye, sectpr, product type and number of workers of each factory.

OS Hub: Link

Social Responsibility

Tierra is following the membership requirements of the Mulitstakeholderorganizsation the Fair Labor Association (FLA) since they belong to the Fenix Outdoor Group. With that and the Group guidelines for social compliance and the Fenix Way, we actively engage with our supplier by doing assessments or audits. We have our own audit staff in eastern Asia and get complemented by a third party audit company ELEVATE.

The audit results are being measured in grades:

  • A = Excellent
  • B = Good
  • C = Ok but needs to be improved
  • D = not acceptable / critial

Fenix Outdoor is also a signatory to the SLCP (Social Labor Convergence Project) and therefor accepts verified self-assessments and also shares audit reports with other brands using a different social compliance standard like the Fair Wear Foundation among the industry to reduce the audit fatigue.

FLA: Link

SLCP: Link

Fenix Outdoor CSR report: Link

Shared Higg Facility Environmental Module

Hence Fenix Outdoor is member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), Tierra is also using their tools in order to measure sustainability. One is called Higg Facility Enviornmental Module (Higg FEM). The Higg FEM assess environmental impact of product manufacturing at facilities – from water use, to waste management, to chemical and energy use – in order to identify strengths and uncover areas for improvement. This tool provides a clear picture of the environmental impact that a manufacturer and its facilities are having upon the environment and the world as a whole. The Higg FEM helps manufacturers, brands, and retailers identify and prioritize opportunities for performance improvements.

SAC: Link

Higg FEM: Link

Business Partner Manufacturer Country Link to the factory Social Responsibility Shared Higg Facility Environmental Module
ASI Global Limited Shanghai Weijie Garment Co., Ltd. China Link 2022: B Grade Higg FEM 2019
JSC Utenos Trikotazas JSC Utenos Trikotazas Lithuania Link 2019: A Grade Higg FEM 2021
LTP Group LTP Vietnam Co., Ltd. Vietnam Link 2022: B Grade Higg FEM 2020
Marbäck Tricot AB Kuldigas Tekstils Ltd. Latvia Link 2022: B Grade N/A
MSA Co., Ltd. Haprosimex Dong Do Joint Stock Company Vietnam Link 2021: B Grade Higg FEM 2021
PI-ER Technical Ltd. DMD Fiore LLC Serbia Link 2022: B Grade N/A
PI-ER Technical Ltd. MS Ltd. Serbia Link 2022: A Grade N/A
PI-ER Technical Ltd. Bon-Ton GUT Ukraine Link 2021: B Grade N/A
PI-ER Technical Ltd. KINGA Private Enterprise (GÁT) Ukraine Link 2021: B Grade N/A
PI-ER Technical Ltd. BON-TON Ltd. (Kaszony) Ukraine Link 2021: Shared Fair Wear Foundation audit N/A
Sätila of Sweden AB Sätila Krawiectwo Urszula Majchrzak Poland Link 2022: D Grade N/A
The Blues One Member Co., Ltd. The Blues One Member Co., Ltd. Vietnam Link 2022: C Grade verified Higg FEM 2021