W's Välliste Insulated Pant

The Välliste Insulated Pant is an insulated 2-layer Gore-Tex® shell pant for women. Waterp...

250,00 €
150,00 €

W's Välliste 2L Pant

The Välliste 2L Pant is a versatile shell pant for women with a stripped-down design. Made...

200,00 €
160,00 €

W's Templet 3L Pant

The Templet 3L Pant is a waterproof, windproof 3-layer Gore-Tex® shell pant for women. Wit...

400,00 €
260,00 €

W's Pace Pant Gen.2

The Pace Pant Gen.2 is an exceptionally thin, flexible and durable softshell pant for wome...

129,95 €
90,96 €

W's Mundaka Shorts

Cool and comfortable with excellent freedom of movement, Mundaka Shorts feature a timeless...

59,00 €
35,40 €