A clean-looking, soft and breathable men's shirt in a comfortable blend of sustainable organic cotton, hemp and yak wool suitable for everything from adventurous traveling to fine-dining.

  • A blend of organic cotton, hemp and yak wool
  • Two button-down chest pockets
  • Corozo nut buttons
  • Cuff fasteners

Designed to suit occasions when you’d seek a comfortable yet stylish shirt, the Yak is made from a blend of organic cotton, hemp and, of course, yak wool. Hemp enhances the shirt's durability, allowing it to age gracefully, while yak wool makes the fabric incredibly soft. Both hemp and yak wool provide natural protection against unpleasant odors.

Hemp grows quickly and thrives in nutrient-poor soil; moreover, its long roots help prevent soil erosion. Hemp cultivation requires no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, and its water consumption for textile production is lower than that of cotton. Thus, conventional hemp has an even smaller environmental impact than organic cotton. Tierra’s hemp is produced through dew retting, in which the hemp is left to be broken down in the fields by natural bacteria—a preferred process from an environmental standpoint.

The yak is a long-haired bovine native to the Himalayas and Tibetan Plateau. Unlike other animals used in textile production, yak herding positively impacts local ecosystems. The wool from free-roaming yaks is gently combed by hand once a year at the time they naturally shed their winter coats. The wool is soft, insulating and moisture-regulating—a more sustainable alternative than similar materials.

Tierra Yak Shirt features include corozo-nut buttons, two button-down chest pockets, and cuff fasteners.

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Gender: Men’s
Activity: Everyday Wear
Environmental info: Organic cotton

Washing: 40°C mild process
Dry cleaning: do not dry clean
Bleaching: do not bleach
Drying: tumble dry at low temperature
Ironing: iron 2 dots - Max 150°C