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Our history

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The very same year Abba split up and Arpanet changed its name to Internet Protocol (which marked the beginning of the Internet), a man called Anders travels to the US where he stumbles upon a new material - Gore-Tex. A material that just two years prior had been used in the space suits for NASA astronauts. To Anders there were no doubts of the potential of this new technology. Thus the idea of Tierra was formed in his mind.

On top

Despite the obvious benefits of this new material, the road ahead was far from straight. Tierra made functional garments for all sorts of activities, golf being one of them. Over time the focus shifted more towards outdoor apparel and the big breakthrough came in 1991. Tierra was asked to supply the first ever all Swedish expedition to Mount Everest. Despite having no experience in developing high altitude mountain wear, the challenge was accepted.

On May 20th 1991 the expedition reached the summit via the steep and technically challenging Japanese-Hornbein Couloir on the north face of the mountain. The expedition was a success and also meant that Tierra had found its niche.

Since then Tierra have equipped countless expeditions and adventures across the globe. We have also equipped professional users and organisations such as the Swedish Alpine Mountain Rescue among others.

“We've always had Tierra in my family. In fact, when I was a kid, my uncle used to sew snow gaiters onto Tierra's golf apparel. He then wore these when he climbed Mount Blanc."

- Lisa Turdell, Product Developer at Tierra

Direct sales

During the 90s and 00s Tierra quickly grew in popularity among students and avid outdoor enthusiasts. Thanks to few supply chain intermediaries, Tierra was able to offer technologically advanced garments of high quality at a competitive price.

The Tierra brand stores in Gothenburg and Stockholm functioned as hubs for promising alpinists, climbers and skiers of the time. But despite the stores, mail order was where most people bought their Tierra garments. And in February 2023 you can say that the circle has been closed as we once again offer direct sales. This time via www.tierra.se.

Advanced materials and high quality

Over the years, the range has included backpacks, gloves and clothing for fly fishing and more. Today, we focus on activities in and around the mountains. Our customers, like ourselves, like to engage in backcountry skiing, climbing, hiking, alpinism, skiing and more. We constantly strive to develop clothing with maximum functionality and quality but with minimal impact on the environment. It is a constant process based on the same attitude as in 1991. The attitude that says nothing is impossible.

The name

The back story to the company name Tierra can be found in South America, in the Andes to be precise. The Andes are the world›s longest mountain range and is comprised by three climate zones: Tierra Caliente, at low altitude and warm climate, Tierra Templada, with its moderate altitude and temperate climate, and Tierra Fria, which lies at high altitude and colder temperatures. From that description came the idea for the name Tierra, the rest is, as they say, history.