Organic cotton

Organic cotton is better for the environment

Organic cotton

Tierra uses only certified organic cotton

Organic Cotton is grown without chemical pesticides or artificial fertilizers, and the fields are also subject to crop rotation which reduces soil leaching. Growing different plants on the fields leads to a better balance of soil nutrients, while the use of natural fertilizers enriches the soil’s humus content. Another important reason for choosing organic cotton is that growing it requires up to 90% less water than traditional cotton farming. Strict rules in the production process also limit water usage and wastewater emissions, as well as applying to dying and chemical usage.

Organic Cotton is Better for farmers and textile workers

By banning the use of chemicals and pesticides in the growing process, those who work on the farms avoid being exposed to substances that might be harmful to health. Since hazardous chemicals are prohibited at all stages of the production process, organic cotton is also better for the health of textile workers.