W's Woolpa LS Tee

The Woolpa LS Tee is a long-sleeved crewneck t-shirt for women made from a blend of mulesi...

80,00 €
48,00 €

Woolpa Tube

The Woolpa Tube is a thin, stretchy neck warmer (aka neck gaiter) in merino wool for men o...

24,95 €
14,97 €

Woolpa Beanie

The Woolpa Beanie is a thin, stretchy hat in merino wool for men or women. Perfect for use...

29,95 €
17,97 €

W's Templet Midlayer Jacket

The Templet Midlayer Jacket is a soft, warm midlayer jacket for women. Made from a blend o...

149,95 €
89,97 €

W's Templet Midlayer Q-Zip

The Templet Midlayer Q-Zip is a soft, warm sweater for women. Made from a blend of wool an...

129,95 €
77,97 €

W's Woolpa Tee

The Woolpa Tee is a crewneck t-shirt for women. Made from a blend of mulesing-free merino ...

69,95 €
41,97 €

Belay 60 Shorts

The Belay 60 Shorts are a pair of warm, light, insulating shorts for both men and women. W...

149,95 €

W's Belay 60 Vest

The Belay 60 Vest is a lightweight and technical vest for women. With outer and inner fabr...

159,95 €

W's Off-Course Hood Jacket

The Off-Course Hood Jacket is a super-stretchy and light softshell jacket for women. Made ...

210,00 €
147,00 €

W's Belay 90 Sweater

The Belay 90 Sweater is a warm, light technical down-free jacket for women. With outer and...

219,95 €

W's Belay 120 Hood Jacket

The Belay 120 Hood Jacket is a light, technical, insulated down-free jacket for women. Wit...

289,95 €

W's Midlana 340 Merino Sweater

The Midlana 340 Merino Sweater is a warm mid-layer for women made of merino wool and fleec...

130,00 €
78,00 €

W's Pace Pant Gen.2

The Pace Pant Gen.2 is an exceptionally thin, flexible and durable softshell pant for wome...

129,95 €
90,96 €

W's Off-Course Shorts

A light, stretchy, versatile women’s short with ripstop nylon seat reinforcement that make...

89,95 €

W's OC Sweater Sunset Badge

Classic crewneck sweatshirt for women, made in organic cotton with a discreet Tierra logo ...

89,95 €

5 Panel Wacky Trucker

A classic five-panel trucker cap with a modern feel and a unisex, one-size-fits-all design...

24,95 €

6 Panel Logo

A six-panel cap of recycled material with universal fit.

24,95 €

5 Panel Runners

A classic five-panel running cap of recycled material with universal fit and a flat visor.

24,95 €