Base layer & mid layer


Start at the right end with layering

A good base layer is a prerequisite for maintaining the right temperature, regardless of the activity. Here are some tips on what to consider, whether you're looking for new lines down the mountain or cycling to work.

Merino Wool - nature's own high-tech material

Closest to the body, a thin base layer in Merino wool

A thin base layer closest to the body is both comfortable and effective. A good base layer should work without being noticeable, and no other material does it better than merino wool.

Merino wool as a mid-layer

On colder days, you can use a slightly thicker merino wool garment for increased warmth. It works perfectly as an extra layer on top of the base layer when skiing or hiking, or as a thinner yet warm sweater when cycling to work or strolling through town.

Unique properties of Merino wool

    • Merino wool is comfortable against the skin, thanks to the long fibers, unlike regular sheep wool, which tends to itch and irritate.
    • Merino wool also provides warmth in damp conditions, which is especially important during activities that make you sweat.
    • Merino wool efficiently wicks moisture away from the body.
    • In warmer conditions, a thin layer of merino wool offers cooling. That's why a loosely fitting T-shirt is a favorite garment for many during the summer or in warmer latitudes.
    • The wool has a built-in "self-cleaning program" in the form of the protein Keratin. Keratin kills odor-causing bacteria, keeping the wool fresh longer than other materials.
    • Keratin makes garments in merino wool require less frequent washing than other fabrics. Instead of putting it in the washing machine after use, it usually suffices to hang it out for airing.
    • Merino wool is a pure natural product and, like all wool, is renewable and biodegradable.

Merino wool in combination with an outer layer

By combining the merino garment with a thin windbreaker or a waterproof shell, you are equipped to face most weather conditions and temperatures. When it gets really cold, you can advantageously complement it with an insulating jacket.

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