Ræin Adventures, Sunnmøre, Norway

Ræin Adventures was born over a coffee at the head office of the Norwegian Tourist Association, where Carl and Britt met as colleagues in 2015. For years, trip planning, administration and risk-assessment as well as work in the field as guides were part of everyday life. Britt specialized in Arctic travel and long ski tours with tents, while Carl thrived in steeper terrain with ropes and alpine skis.

In 2019, unaware of each others’ plans, the two moved to the Sunnmøre Alps with their respective partners. This happy coincidence resulted in the pair establishing a new guiding company on Sunnmøre—Raein Eventyr—with a mission to create a more sustainable business model for nature, the guides, and the region. Raein Eventyr offers courses and tours in climbing, skiing, and general outdoor life—the only company in Sunnmøre to receive a quality stamp from the National Park Board to hold tours and courses in Reinheimen National Park, one of Norway’s wildest parks.

Read more about Raein Eventyr at www.raein.no and follow them on Instagram @raein.no

Carl (Calle) Wernhoff

Born in Sweden, Carl grew up with one foot in Austria and the other in Stockholm. Since beginning to ski as a 5-year-old, his life has been mostly about making turns on snow… and sometimes climbing. After seven years roaming the Alps and America after high school, Carl moved to Norway’s Sunnmøre Alps six years ago, where for the past two years he has been co-owner/operator of Raen Eventyr. Also working for Norway’s avalanche forecasters, Varsom, with responsibility for the eastern half of Sunnmøre, Carl’s certifications as an NF climbing and avalanche instructor + SVELAV Pro 2 allow him to run practical courses and tours through Raein Eventyr. Instagram: @callewernhoff

Britt-Ingunn Tafjord Walle

Osteopath, guide, and hunting supervisor with a passion for living in and with nature, Britt spent 15 years in big cities like Oslo, Bozeman (Montana) and Duluth (Minnesota), before moving home to Tafjord, a small Sunnmøre Alps village at the foot of Reinheimen National Park where she is now co-owner/operator of Raen Eventyr. Here, outdoor life and proximity to nature is a way of life that delivers daily reminders of how small—and important—each individual’s impact on nature truly is. In Sunnmøre , she finds roots and a sense of belonging to something much bigger than the bubble we often live in, with a responsibility to live on nature’s terms. Instagram: @brittiwalle