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Utby Pant M


Utby Pant M



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  • Product measurements, Utby Pant M

    Waist Inseam Seat Thigh at crotch Bottom leg width
    S 86 82 107.5 69.5 40
    XL 100 88 121.5 76 43
    M 90 84 111.5 71.5 41
    XXL 106 88 127.5 78.5 44
    L 94 86 115.5 73.5 42

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Pinstripes at work? Utby Pant converts with ease from the workplace to the beach, through its style, comfort and functionality. Smooth, lightweight and quick-drying material. Hidden waist adjustment for an excellent fit. Articulated knees. Two hand pockets and two rear pockets. A small pocket with zipper (large enough for a cell phone) placed on the rear of the right thigh, and out of the way of the climbing harness. Lost your stripes? So what, the pants are great to travel in as well.
Weight 300
Layer Urban
Material Main Fabric: Cotton nylon twill - 76% Cotton, 24% Polyamide
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