Results 2014

Results 2014

The first edition of the ultra trail race Tierra Arctic Ultra was held on Aug 8. The course is through one of the world’s most desolate areas north of the Arctic Circle in Sweden. The competitors could choose from two different distances 120 km with 2500 vertical meters and 100 km with1900 vertical meters. The longer distance was also qualification race to The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc with three ITRA points.

Winner of the longer distance was Carsten Schneehage from Germany with the time 15 hours and 49 minutes. The 100 km race was won by Sweden’s Crister Löfgren at 13 hours 26 minutes. In the Ladies 120 km race it was once again a German victory through Kerstin Erdmann at 20 hours 56 minutes and a joint victory in the 100 km race between Maria Ackerot and Gunilla Manbre both Sweden at a time of 21 hours 51 minutes.

Men 120km

1. Carsten Schneehage, GER 15h49min
2. Martti Mustonen, SWE 16h04min
3. Per Johansson, SWE 17h30min
4. Andreas Norén, SWE 17h47min
5. Robert Johansson, SWE 22h22min51s
6. Vesa Aurala, FIN 23h23min
7. Tobias Belforth, SWE 23h35min
8. Rickard Ahlberg, SWE 24h39min
9. Michael Dolgy, RUS 27h16min

Men 100km

1. Crister Löfgren, SWE 13h26min
2. Mathias Blomberg, SWE 15h54min
3. Rikard Forsberg, SWE 19h07min

Ladies 120km

1.Kerstin Erdmann, GER 20h56min

Ladies 100km

1. Maria Ackerot, SWE 21h51min
2. Gunilla Manbre, SWE 21h51min