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Häggsta 1978 pant M
So long lasting this could be your last pair of jeans. Highly durable, surprisingly stretchy, relaxed fit, smart hidden side pocket, and more.

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Häggsta 1978 pant M



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Finally a pair of jeans that has all the features you need in pant made for movement, without loosing that jeans look. Cordura stretch denim with great durability. A gusset. Hidden waist adjustment for that perfect fit. Two front pockets with one small coin pocket, two rear pockets and a pocket with zipper placed on the rear of the right thigh, and out of the way of the climbing harness. Joint jeans button. All these features together with the details you except in a pair of jeans will make The Häggsta 1978 pant a must, not only on the rock, but in any urban situation. They feel great to wear and look just as good. Tested for over 3 years.
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