Tierra and down

Tierra and down

Down is a natural product and offers the best insulation on the market. Down has a higher warmth-to-weight ratio than synthetic insulation and it is also more compressible. High grades of down offer the most substantial benefits, and are the superior option for high-performance activities. Tierra work exclusively with one down supplier who in turn works with contracted slaughterhouses, we’re also buying down certified by RDS (Responsible Down Standard) from Primaloft (European production). 

During the entire process, down for Tierra products is transported in closed sacks to avoid being mixed with other down. At the factories, only the down in these sacks is used as padding in Tierra jackets. Our quality control team monitors the process by making announced and unannounced audits. After many years of working with down, we have created extremely strict inspection processes for our down described below.


Tierra works with one down supplier, that currently has agreements with farms in the Yangzhou Hanjiang Goose Association in China. These farms follow the animal welfare regulations stated by the association regarding the animal handling. The work of the farmers is regularly reviewed by Fjällräven’s quality inspectors.


Tierra’s down supplier works with two contracted slaughter houses. Both slaughterhouses have signed Tierra’s and Fjällrävens Code of Conduct. Personnel from our down supplier are present during the slaughter to ensure that the down that will later be used in Tierra products only comes from birds from Tierra’s nominated farms.

The meat is used as food and the down is gathered up in sacks that are marked with Tierra. The closed sacks are then transported to the location where the down will be dried. Tierra’s down is dried separately before it is again sealed and transported to our down supplier.


At the down supplier, Tierra’s down is washed in an environmental shampoo from German Pulcra Chemicals. The water is cleaned and filtered before it is released, and the clean down is then dried in a dryer. In order to ensure that the down meets our strict requirements, it undergoes a filtering process during which lower quality down is sorted out and sold. IDFL (International Down and Feather Laboratory) conducts tests to ensure that the down is of the best quality and corresponds to Tierra’s high standards. The high quality down is placed into new sacks, sealed and marked with the down quality, quantity and composition. It is then sent to our factories. Tierra’s quality inspectors approve the down sacks by signing them. The inspectors also save some of the down for later cross-testing.


We follow the same procedure as our sibling Fjällräven who also has made a film describing the entire process. Watch it here: The Down Promise.