GORE-TEX® is your guarantee of highest quality and maximum protection even in the most extreme weather. Which is why on professional expeditions to the coldest and wettest regions on earth, GORE-TEX® fabrics are the products of choice. This is also the reason why we at Tierra use GORE-TEX®, because it is the most durable material for extreme conditions today. We constantly evaluate our choice of materials to see if we can maintain the same quality and at the same time reduce the environmental footprints. We also consider our clothes' length of life one of the most important environmental factors, and that's why we today choose GORE-TEX®.


The GORE-TEX® product control program guarantees the performance not only of the GORE-TEX® fabric but of all finished GORE-TEX® outerwear made by our manufacturing partners. The results are strict performance and manufacturing standards for all GORE-TEX® garments – and the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise: if you are not completely satisfied with the waterproofness, windproofness or breathability of your GORE-TEX® outerwear, GORE-TEX® will repair it, replace it or refund your purchase price. However, storing your mobile phone or wallet in a waterproof case or zip-lock bag weather it's in your inner- or outer pocket is to be recommended. This is due to that the zippers of the outer pockets are water resistant only, not water proof, for enhanced breathability and the inner pockets could let through moisture from your body into the content of the pocket.


There are different types of GORE-TEX®, all with a specific function depending on what the product is intended for. All our clothes are designed for a special use and environment and therefore the type of GORE-TEX® of a Tierra Jacket can vary. If you find an additional word to the GORE-TEX® logo on your garment you will see what type of GORE-TEX® it is. Below is information about the differences.

GORE-TEX® Pro products

3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro products. For a rough day outside. GORE-TEX® Pro products is the optimum solution for use under extreme tough conditions. The 3-layer construction comprises a special high performance GORE-TEX® membrane bonded to a tough outer material and a specially developed robust inner lining. The benefit: no movement between the three layers, which means less wear and tear, and even greater durability.

GORE™ Micro Grid Backer Technology

More comfort and performance with the GORE™ Micro Grid Backer Technology. The GORE™ Micro Grid Backer fabric is used in 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro products. It improves internal abrasion and snag resistance, enhances garment breathability and decreases garment weight. It also allows the garment to slide easily over mid-layers.

GORE-TEX® Active products

GORE-TEX® Active laminates combine a lighter, thinner GORE-TEX® membrane with fine denier performance textiles to deliver the ultimate 3-layer solution for the active consumer. On the liner side, a proprietary lamination technology integrates the backer textile directly into the GORE-TEX® membrane allowing extreme breathability and excellent next to skin comfort.


Garments engineered with GORE-TEX® product technology are durably waterproof and windproof combined with optimised
breathability. Enduring products that maximise wearers´ protection and comfort.

GORE-TEX® with Paclite pro duct technology

Paclite® product technology is the ideal solution for hiking, golf, Travel and other activities where space and weight are critical. A protective layer on the inside of the GORE-TEX® membrane makes a separate lining unnecessary. The result: minimum weight and pack volume.

How to look after your GORE-TEX® Garment?

A clean GORE-TEX® garment last longer since salts and fats reduces the breathability and shortens the life of the garment, therefore we recommend you to wash your GORE-TEX® garments. Always read the care label of you particular garment, follow manufacturer’s instructions. and do not use fabric softeners as the impregnation washes out.

The following care instructions are taken from Gore’s website. Please visit them for further information www.gore-tex.com.

Machine-wash warm (104° F/40° C). Powder or liquid detergent.  


If professionally dry-cleaned, request clear distilled solvent rinse and spray repellent. Follow manufacturer’s instructions.


Steam-iron warm, placing a towel or cloth between the garment and the iron and iron the garment on low heat (two dots on the iron). 


No chlorine bleach. It may damage your garment.


Tumble-dry on loswet heat. The heat from the dryer will help to reactivate the durable water repellent (DWR) treatment on your garment’s outer fabric.


Gore recommends applying a topical water repellency restorative (DWR treatment) for outdoor fabrics, available at your local outdoor retailer. We do not recommend wash-in treatments as they can affect the garment’s breathability.


Use a pre-wash treatment such as Shout® or Spray ‘n Wash®, following its manufacturer’s instructions. Rinse well.