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First ever padded jacket made out of 100% bio-based materials including beans, wood and nuts. The jacket has a traditional look but is anything but traditional in its material usage. Adjustable hood, full front button opening, two hand pockets with a button, and you are good to go – and totally fossil free!

• 100% bio-based materials, free from fossil based materials
• Mid-layer in winter and stand alone jacket during autumn and spring
• Castor bean main fabric and lining
• Wool padding
• Threads made out of Tencel
• Corozo nut buttons
• Adjustable hood
• Longer back for optimal fit
• Reduced amount of components decreasing transport
• Winner of ISPO Award Eco Achievement Apparel 2017
• Winner of Outdoor Industry Award Sustainable Innovations 2017

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
Weight: 600 gram
Layer: Mid-Layer and Outer Layer

Main Fabric and Lining: 100% Biopolymer from Castor Beans - 100% Polyamide (bio-based). FC-free DWR. Filling: Lavalan Wool Padding – 100% Wool. Threads: Tencel. Buttons: Corozo Nuts from the Tagua Palm. Adjustments: 100% Organic Cotton.

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After the Paris Climate Change Conference where oil dependency was a hot topic, we decided to develop a jacket fully free from fossil based material. The result is Deterra® Jacket – the first ever 100 % bio-based jacket including materials from castor beans, wool, corn, Tencel, cotton and corozo nuts. The Deterra® Jacket has already been honoured with international awards and soon it will be available to customers.
With the Deterra® line we wanted to create the most technical jacket possible without using any fossil based material.

– We’re delighted that the jacket attracts such great deal of interest and attention. At Tierra, as individuals we think a lot of how climate-smart we are and can become, and in our job we have the opportunity to create products that help people cut their oil usage, says Erik Isaksson, Head of Product Development at Tierra.

The outer fabric is woven of EVO yarn consisting of polyamide made of oil from castor beans. The padding is made of wool from German sheep and the threads of Tencel made from wood pulp cellulose. The buttons are made out of corozo nuts from the tagua palm. The hood is adjusted with a knot instead of a plastic stopper like we’re used to. By reducing the number of different components in the jacket, transportation has also decreased during production.

Deterra® Jacket is a symbol of how technical a garment can be today if it should be fully bio-based. We can of course make lighter, more durable, more water resistant and cheaper jackets, but then they won’t be 100 % bio-based.

We will use this jacket as a platform to talk about new materials and solutions as part of our quest to make technical clothes that are sustainable both for us users and the planet.

The Deterra® Jacket was awarded with ISPO AWARD ECO ACHIEVEMENT APPAREL 2017/18.
Jury statement: "Tierra uses only fossil free materials, avoiding components contamination. The anorak‘s timeless look has the potential to have a long lifetime with the consumer."

The Deterra® Jacket was also announced Winner of the SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS/OUTDOOR INDUSTRY AWARD 2017.
Jury statement: "The fact that the Deterra Hood Anorak is a bio-based sustainable product, which is 100% free from fossil-based materials is important. Together with its excellent fit, great comfort and practical, large pockets, we feel it deserves to receive an award. And it is very stylish too."

Weight 600
Layer Insulation
Green Choice Yes
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