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With the love for our passion and our heritage, Tierra has made clothes since 1983. Tierra - earth, land or soil. It is the passion for these elements that we live for. We spend our lives in the mountains and valleys with our friends, for good times, regardless of the weather, trusting the garments we use to enhance the experience. And its for these moments we create our garnments.

With our online store, we don’t just want to give you access to our products wherever and whenever you like, but we also want to offer you the best possible service and inspiration, all in the same place. In our online store we offer you the full range of Tierra products.

Welcome, we hope you will be able to find what you are looking for in our store!

Feedback or Questions?

We really like receiving feedback, ideas and thoughts. If you already own a Tierra product that you like, we would really appreciate a review about it. You can write the reviews directly on the product page. Do you have any questions about our terms and conditions or would you simply like to get in contact with us? Click on the sections in the left menu and you will find all the information you need or just send us an email to