Tierra Friends

Our Friends

Danish climbers Katrine Vandet Salling and Bjørn Iisager in this video are only two of our friends and persons that we support. Because we like people who just like us love being outside and to explore. Here are more of our friends, thanks for inspiring us:

Chhiring Dorje, Sherpa, 13 time Everest summiteer Mountain Guide, High Altitude Sherpa, Nepal
Jocke Hahne, Mountain Guide, Swe
Espen Høst, Speedriding, Nor
Bjørn Iisager, Sport climbing/Bouldering, Den
Hannes Künkel, Adventurer, Ger
Elin Larsson, Pilot & Outdoor Enthusiast, Swe/Scotland
Daniel Olausson, Bouldering, Swe
Pia Palm, Skiing, Swe/Fra
Stefan Palm, Mountain Guide, Swe/Fra
Hung V. Pham, Ninja/Obstacle Athelete, Swe 
Matilda Rönnberg, Alpine Skiing, Swe
Caroline Tollstadius, Swe
Katrine Vandet Salling, Sport climbing/Bouldering, Den

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