Every year we get approached by numerous people who ask us to support their adventure. Even though we would like to help out, we’re not able to support each and every one. Unfortunately we have to turn down most requests for funding.

However, if you are about to embark on an adventure, expedition or think that you would be a good Tierra ambassador, you are welcome to apply to become a Tierra sponsee. We review applications every third month and we look for exciting, inspiring, daring or ground breaking adventures and people. Due to the amount of
sponsorship inquires we receive, we are unable to send a written reply to all applicants, but we do review all applications and get back to the ones we think we can support.

We seek a professional approach to sponsorship, so please try to be as specific as possible when you write your application. This will make it easier for us to review your application and thus increase your chances to be selected.

We are interested in knowing about:

Your adventure

Describe your adventure, timing, participants etc. Please include previous


How will you be documenting your adventure? Please attach photos or other documentation to show your skills.


How will you communicate your adventure? Articles in magazines, blogs, Facebook etc. It should be well planned as we get tons of requests and all of them with the "we  will post your logo on our blog or Facebook page", be creative!

How can we help you?

Specify what kind of products you would like from us.

Send your application to:
Tierra Products AB
Hemvärnsgatan 15
SE-17154 Solna

Or by e-mail to: sponsorship@tierra.se